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    Let Life Blossom

    My friends and I noticed this hash tag on a store window in Brooklyn recently – #LetLifeBlossom. Most of our trips to Cobble Hill, Brooklyn have been planned because I am considering a future residence in this beautiful area…

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    Belt It Out

    GQ did a feature on the 7 biggest, baddest, boldest belts of the season. I so agree with this trend!…

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    This Weekend: Harlem EatUp!

    I’m really looking forward to Harlem EatUp! this weekend… are any of you going? Here’s more about the event: Try a Taste…

  • Watchtower of Turkey

    This is why I love Turkey… Over 2.5 million people have viewed “Watchtower Of Turkey” and it was nominated Best of Vimeo…

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    ROYCE’ Chocolate in Bryant Park

    We all know that I love NYC for myriad of reasons, mostly because of the pulse on the streets and…

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    Hector and The Search for Happiness

    Hector and the Search for Happiness is one of my favorite new movies. I included a quote from the film…

  • This is a great attitude and I wish you the best!

    Love, MS

  • So beautifully said.... I'm speechless.

    Xoxo – KH

  • Dove Story on WTNH

    Dove Story was featured on CT News 8 last night! Paloma Aelyon discussed real, raw women’s stories with WTNH’s Ann Nyberg! Would…

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    Sputnik Chandelier

    I found a very special chandelier for the Armonk lake house dining room. It’s the Sputnik Chandelier by Lobbyer from Austria, c….